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Keep Your Smartphone Data Charges Under Control!
PUBLISHED: Sep 06, 2012

How to Save Money


With wireless vendors now limiting data plans and charging larger fees for going over your data limits, it is now more important than ever to be sure you are utilizing free WIFI networks whenever possible.  A WIFI network simply uses radio waves to provide high speed internet connections.   These WIFI networks can be found in many coffee shops , restaurants , city sponsored locations, many homes (perhaps your own), and business offices (such as your dentist or doctor's office).


To be able to connect to WIFI, you simply need to go to your smartphone's settings and verify that your WIFI setting is selected to ON position.  When you make this smartphone setting change, you then have the option of connecting to WIFI anytime free WIFI is available. Using WIFI means that you are not using your cell phone vendor's data network and therefore no usage is being incurred. This means more downloads of emails, ability to use more apps and more Internet surfing - for less money.   It is important to understand your particular device's icons and where they appear to know when you are connected via WIFI vs. the 3G or 4G networks. If you cannot figure it out, don't hesitate to contact your smartphone's vendor's technical support group and verify your phone's settings with them.


A word of caution though:  If your WIFI signal drops or you move out of range of the WIFI signal, your smartphone can automatically revert back to your carrier's data signal, so you do need to pay attention to your smartphone's current mode.  However, you can also turn off the phone's  3G or 4G signal in the settings menu, if you need to, for example if you are using your smartphone at a single location.


Many cell phones also have a data usage setting where you can track your usage monthly and reset it at the beginning of each bill period. This will also help ensure you do not go over your data limits and incur additional unwanted charges.


It all boils down to not paying for more than what you truly need!

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